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Business Setup in the UAE

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Building on decades of experience in various industries, we provide honest and hands-on advisory, striving for the success of your business.

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Our streamlined processes will simplify and speed up incorporating your company and setting up your business, including advanced logistics, if needed.

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With our competitive pricing you make sure that there are no hidden fees, high follow-up costs, and that you are not overpaying.

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Our team of experts at viiCON provides an integrated range of advisory and services to meet the needs of every individual customer, providing them with honest consulting and the best in class tailored services.

We are proud of our prompt and punctual services and the systematic way we handle our clients’ tasks. And if there is something that we do not know, we will tell you.

Business setup in the UAE

Setting up a business means laying the foundation for a successful entrepreneurial future. Setting up a business may solely consist of the professional registration of a company in the UAE.

Setting up a business may also require the right office space at the right location to ensure your team’s smooth operations and interacting with third parties such as suppliers and service providers efficiently. And finally, setting up a business may include more complex structures such as warehousing, logistics, production facilities, or even research & development facilities.

Choosing the right free zone for your business is often of crucial importance. To make the right choice, you need to know the different free zones well; each one has its specific strong side and some free zones cater especially for specific industries and needs.

Depending on the kind of your business, being embedded in a related ecosystem may nurture your business.

Whether your project is small or big, we stand by you and support you in all ways possible.

Visa Services

Obtaining a residence visa is required to stay and to work in the United Arab Emirates. The country has one of the most efficient and fastest visa procedures in the world. Different types of visas are required for investors, shareholders, and employees. There are no restrictions for UAE companies to recruit staff from abroad; the only limiting factor for the amount of total visas is generally the size of a company’s facilities.

The procedures to apply for a visa and for maintaining it are unified in the UAE, except Dubai, which has its own procedures and authority. A UAE residence visa obtained in any Emirate entitles its holder to reside and to work, or to do business, in the same or in any other Emirate.

Applicants must undergo a medical fitness test in the UAE, provide their biometrics, and must sign the application for their Emirates ID in person.

If you know the local particulars and given facts, you can save substantial time, and money.

Accounting & Compliance

Bookkeeping and accounting is mandatory for all companies in the UAE.

Qualifying free zone companies must submit audited annual financial statements if they benefit from 0% corporate. The annual financial statements of free zone companies being subject to 9% taxation do not need to be audited. Mainland companies must submit audited annual financial statements if their annual turnover exceeds AED 50 million.

Compliance with all regulations is important, non-compliance triggers substantial fines.

We assist and serve you in all matters related to accounting & compliance, whether ourselves or through trusted associates.

Bank Account Services

Your UAE company will need a local bank account. A local bank account is required by various governmental departments. It is also required if your company is renting office space, warehouses, or other facilities. Last but not least, you will not want to pay your petty expenses by costly transfers from another country.

Opening bank accounts in the UAE is not more difficult than in many other countries. Local requirements can be different and dealing with frontline bank staff may sometimes be a bit cumbersome.

Depending on your preferences and on your company’s circumstances, you may prefer specific banks.

We are happy to guide and to assist you with all aspects of bank account opening in the United Arab Emirates.

Our Philosophy

Trust & Integrity Lead to Long-Lasting Relations

The most valuable asset in business is trustfulness; it is gained through honesty under all circumstances. 

The most precious thing in life & business is time; once lost it cannot be replaced.

And the happiest moment for us is when we see your success.

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